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aicas Passes Milestone 15 Million Licensed Applications of its JamaicaCAR Technology


aicas, a company that enables digital transformation across industries by enabling realtime edge computing and Cloud connectivity, today announced Tier-1 automakers and suppliers have relied on its JamaicaCAR technology as an integral component of more than 15 million connected cars.

JamaicaCAR was first introduced in 2011 as a secure and connected framework to download applications for car head units and in-vehicle infotainment systems. The technology, based on aicas’ proprietary Realtime Java technology, is used by car makers and Tier-1 suppliers as an alternative to abandoning legacy platforms to keep pace with consumer demands and new apps and services. JamaicaCAR enables the use of a growing number of apps and services to the users of the vehicle, while maintaining a small system memory footprint and lower power System on Chips.

aicas announced the achievement as part of its participation at Embedded World 2019, where alongside JamaicaCAR and new IIoT solutions, the company is demonstrating an advanced use of its realtime technology as a seamless integration with Amazon Alexa Auto for effective, realtime voice-first connected car functionality.

“We introduced JamaicaCAR as a versatile application framework at a time when the auto industry didn’t have a clear front-runner solution for giving drivers secure access to the latest apps and services,” said Dr. James J. Hunt, aicas CEO and Chief Technical Officer. “As we consider the 15 million autos that we made smarter and more reliable with our technology, we’re looking ahead at the next solutions that will enable automakers to advance toward autonomous services and tap into the embedded-grade, Real Time Operating Systems and processors for the new apps and services that increase revenues.”

A broad range of OEMs and Tier-1 automotive companies are customers that license aicas technology. The component-based design and platform neutrality of JamaicaCAR has enabled automakers to offer branded user experiences with Cloud connectivity to stay ahead of emerging trends and needs. As gateways replace power units to expand the reach of in-car connectivity, and higher integration, aicas continues to introduce multifunctional software frameworks that will allow customers to securely develop, deploy and manage new apps and services as well as manage the complexities.

aicas is exhibiting its latest Connected car innovations at Stand 4-605 within Hall 4 at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, in Nuremberg Germany, from February 26-28.

The aicas team has worked with customers in industrial, automotive, and other embedded software segments for almost two decades. Originally starting out of the high-tech and academic environment in Karlsruhe, Germany, in recent years aicas has grown into a global high-tech firm with European and American branches serving global customers. Some of the largest suppliers in automotive and industrial segments use aicas software solutions and build on aicas expertise to empower their millions of devices and vehicles. For more information please visit

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