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EMQ is the world's leading provider of open-source IoT data infrastructure. Trusted by 400+ clients in mission-critical IoT/IoV scenarios.


EMQX Cloud Announces the Release of Serverless MQTT Service to Accelerate IoT Projects
EMQ is excited to announce that its EMQX Cloud Serverless is available in Beta. As a fully managed, serverless, cloud-native MQTT service, EMQX Cloud Serverless favors rapid delivery and constant inno...
EMQ Technologies Inc. Mar 20, 2023

Meet EMQ Technologies Inc.

EMQ is the world's leading software provider of open-source IoT data infrastructure. We are dedicated to empowering future-proof IoT applications through one-stop, cloud-native products that connect, move, process, and analyze real-time IoT data—from edge to cloud to multi-cloud.

Our core product EMQX, the trust name in MQTT brokers, supports 100M concurrent IoT device connections per cluster while maintaining 1M message per second throughput and sub-millisecond latency. It boasts more than 20K+ global users, connecting 100M+ IoT devices, and is trusted by over 400 customers in mission-critical IoT scenarios, including well-known brands like GM, HPE, VMware, Verifone, SAIC Volkswagen and Ericsson.

EMQ's global R&D center is located in Stockholm. We have 10+ offices throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region.

EMQ Technologies Inc.
EMQ Technologies Inc.
Modern Data Infrastructure for IoT/IoV/IIoT
Morgan Hill, CA, USA
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