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Field Theory is an engineering firm specializing in custom antenna designs and RF solutions for commercial and government sectors..


Using Custom Antennas in IoT
Custom antennas are vital for seamless IoT connectivity, catering to diverse applications with specialized requirements....
Field Theory Consulting Inc. Apr 24, 2024

Meet Field Theory Consulting Inc.

Field Theory is an engineering firm specializing in custom antenna design, RF solutions, Microwave Engineering, RF Engineering, and Wireless System Design.

Field Theory's RF expertise covers a wide spectrum including GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, cellular, 5G, millimeter wave, and phased array. We have worked with a variety of industries, universities, all company sizes and a variety of products from IoT devices, wearables, and satellites.

Field Theory uses its extensive experience and proven techniques in developing antennas to help their clients deliver great wireless products. Field Theory has significant in-house capabilities beginning with simulation through advanced prototyping and testing in our multiple anechoic RF test chambers which reduces development cycles.

Field Theory is located in Chicago's northern suburbs, and is a Veteran owned Small Business.

Field Theory Consulting Inc.
Field Theory Consulting Inc.
Custom Antenna Design and RF Solutions
1029 Butterfield Rd, Vernon Hills, IL 60061, USA
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