Giel Mertens, Author at IoT For All

Giel Mertens

Innovation consultant at Bax & Company (Barcelona) for more than 2 years. Working primarly with cities across Europe to support their preperation and implementation of new mobility concepts such as MaaS, Autonomous Vehicles and Shared, Urban mobility.

Smart City Planning – Successful Shared Mobility

New mobility concepts are rapidly implemented at a large scale in urban envrionments without any governmental intervention. This reflects the situation that technology is ready for commercial use, however policies and infrastructure are not yet in place to accomdate the new technologies. This has already caused huge drawbacks for both citizens and companies. Therefore, cities need to develop instruments to steer the implementaton from the private sector in such a way that public needs are better served. This article outlines the transnational collaborative approach that Smart Cities adopt to test state-of-the-art instruments to foster a valuable public-private collaboration.