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Guest writers who are especially keen on exploring IoT and related technologies, whether from an enterprise or a cultural/social perspective, occasionally share their insights with the IoT industry through IoT For All. If you're interested in being featured as a guest writer, submit your article through this portal, and we'll get back to you within one week.

3 Reasons Why Your IoT Initiatives Need SD-WAN

According to analyst firm Gartner, 5.8 billion enterprise and automotive IoT endpoints will be in use in 2020—up 21 percent from 2019. If you’re planning to deploy IoT-enabled assets, you are most certainly not alone. However, it’s critical that you have the right network architecture to manage the unique scalability and connectivity challenges that IoT presents. This article will present the three key reasons why SD-WANs make it easier to scale your IoT initiatives in line with rapidly changing business requirements.

MQTT vs SSE: A Comparison

Both MQTT and SSE protocols are built upon a pub/sub concept, using a ‘broker’ when distributing messages. However, their use cases differ. We've taken a look at how they compare.

The Importance of IoT Platforms Through the Eyes of an MVNO

The purpose of this article is to analyze the importance of an IoT platform through the perspective of an MVNO. Firstly, we have assessed the different types of IoT platforms and their specific requirements. After that, we have looked at the major features of a comprehensive telecom services solution that can help MVNOs fulfill those IoT requirements.

5 Ways to Secure Your IoT Devices—Before They Get Hacked

A brief overview of ways to protect your IoT devices from hackers before you start using them. The article touches on two-factor authentication, the importance of routinely updating your devices, and why you should disable UPnP features—just to name a few.

7 IoT Certifications to Enhance Your Career Prospects in 2020

IoT Certifications can a quick path into the technology related career you have been looking for. Review seven of the top certifications and figure out which one works for you.

On the Road Again: AI & IoT Making Public Transit Smarter and More Secure

A look at how digital technologies are transforming today's transportation providers.