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IoT For All is an initiative to build a valuable resource for all stakeholders in the IoT industry. Our goal is to bring together the smartest minds in IoT to share knowledge through various forms of content, all aimed at educating the people who are implementing and enabling IoT.

NanoLock Security Granted US Patent for its Cloud-to-Flash Electronic Security Solution

First patent granted from intellectual property (IP) portfolio, which includes several additional patent applications for the company’s cyber defense solution for connected edge devices

Podcast E033 | What Is Cyber-Physical Security?| Michael Murray, SVP & GM of Cyber-Physical Systems at BlackRidge Technology

On this IoT For All podcast episode, Michael Murray, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cyber-Physical Systems at Blackridge Technology explains the difference between cybersecurity and cyber-physical security. Michael also discusses how with great connectivity comes great responsibility.

Welsh Tech start-up, Ambiquire, release a challenger wearable motion device at a fraction of the cost of competitors

Welsh Tech Start-up Ambiquire has launched their first challenger motion tracking product on Indiegogo at a fraction of the cost of competitors at £90 VS the Dorsavi product at $999 - One device with an array of applications - Accelerating sports, health and wellbeing with accessible and affordable technology.

MultiTech Gateway Powers Yokogawa’s Sushi Sensor Solution for the Industrial IoT

MultiTech is announcing that its IoT gateway, the MultiConnect® Conduit® IP67 Base Station, is being used by Yokogawa in its Sushi Sensor, recently launched in Europe. Yokogawa’s new LoRaWAN compliant solution was developed for deployment within industrial plants; covers vast areas; has environmental resistance features to support heavy-duty use; and works in combination with advanced analytics such as AI and machine learning in a cloud environment.

Leading Malware Threats De-Weaponized Allowing Companies to Safely Test Network Security

Threat Runner, just launched by HORNE Cyber, will allow organizations of any size to safely test how their networks will respond to real malware like WannaCry, Satan and Cerber. Cybersecurity engineers with Threat Runner have succeeded in reverse engineering malware from the ground up, accurately emulating threats while de-weaponizing them. This means security testing can be done against real threats, instead of hypothetical, providing a true picture of where an organization’s security stands.

IoTSWC 2019 Hosts a Brokerage Event to Identify Partners in more than 35 Countries

Providers of IoT, artificial intelligence and blockchain solutions, technological centres, universities and startups, as well as industrial companies interested in implementing these...