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IoT For All is an initiative to build a valuable resource for all stakeholders in the IoT industry. Our goal is to bring together the smartest minds in IoT to share knowledge through various forms of content, all aimed at educating the people who are implementing and enabling IoT.

MachNation Releases IoT Edge ScoreCard for 2019, a Review of 17 IoT Edge Vendors’ Capabilities

MachNation announces the availability of its IoT Edge ScoreCard for 2019, a detailed rating of 17 Internet of Things (IoT) edge platform vendors.

Podcast E015 | How Do Robotics and IoT Work Together? | Tra Vu, COO of OhmniLabs and Kambria

The #AskIoT team sits down with Tra Vu to discuss how robotics and IoT work together, how robotics are playing a role in mobility and aging in place and what makes people scared of robots.

Swift Sensors Adds Trend Analytics Tools for Manufacturing Applications of Predictive Maintenance

Swift Sensors, leading developers of Industrial IoT wireless sensors systems, introduces its new predictive maintenance tools for its Manufacturing Analytics Dashboard to improve production and maintenance efficiency. Eleven new dashboard panels have been added to measure analytic trends for key manufacturing metrics of compliance, utilization, maximum, minimum and average measured values monitored by the wireless sensor system.

SolidRun Unveils SolidSense Edge Gateway with Wirepas Mesh Support

SolidRun, developer of embedded computing and network solutions, introduces their new SolidSense N6 line of iMX6-powered, Linux-based Edge Gateways that support Wirepas Mesh for unparalleled IoT connectivity and massive-scale wireless communications. From industrial automation to asset management, Edge Gateways are being deployed to connect sensors and systems to cloud servers, as well as absorb some of the analytics processing and decision-making burden from the cloud. SolidSense N6 Edge Gateways are designed to provide customers across numerous industries with a powerful and flexible solution for managing massive enterprise and industrial IoT data loads at the network’s edge, SolidSense Edge Gateways are offered in indoor, outdoor and industrial form factors with a range of processor options.

Cloud Infrastructure Giant, DigitalOcean Partners with Distributed Computing Network, Ankr to Drive Greater Adoption

Ankr, a distributed computing network that leverages idle resources in data centers, personal computers and edge devices, has announced a strategic partnership with DigitalOcean, one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure providers. The partnership will see DigitalOcean leverage Ankr’s distributed network to channel idle resources and enable end users to save up to 15% with improved service uptime as well as reduced latency, unlocking shared value for a truly optimized cloud ecosystem.

Kudelski Group And Idneo Technologies Announce Partnership To Make IoT And OT Simple And Secure

Kudelski and Idneo announced a new global partnership that will help customers to secure their IoT devices and boost their IoT competitiveness, operational efficiencies and profitability. The partnership pre-integrates the Kudelski IoT Security Platform with Idneo’s portfolio of solutions to secure the devices Idneo manufactures for its clients in the industrial, consumer and medical industries, enabling clients to monetize new business models, control access to new features, ensure safety through anti-tampering, protect intellectual property, and more.