We believe in the confluence between sensor networks, the API-economy, cloud technology and intelligent decision engines as the key to smart IoT automation. Together these technologies can unlock more business value and allow enterprises to build and deploy IoT solutions that connect devices, services, IT systems and processes. Founded in 2014 – waylay is a young and dynamic software company that brings to market an open, API-centric IoT middleware platform. Waylay’s founding team has a long experience in machine-to-machine technology, data analysis, device management and artificial intelligence. It is our mission to transform IoT solutions into business solutions by breaking down silos and connecting devices with SW applications and online services. Waylay’s name originates from the verb ‘to waylay’. The platform lies in wait for various information streams, combines and reasons on those information streams in a sophisticated way, and takes action.

Condition-Action Rules Engines for IoT

Condition-Action (CA) engines are simple, adaptable and scalable. They can connect IoT devices to create powerful (yet simple) chains of logical operations.