MobiDev, Author at IoT For All


MobiDev is a custom software development company (USA/Ukraine) that leverages emerging technologies such as IoT, Data Science, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality integrating them into software solutions for enterprise companies and startups.

MobiDev is a software development company that creates complex business-driven solutions, with a focus on innovation and transparency of actions, guaranteed product delivery, and ongoing evolution.

Main areas of expertise:

➤ Industrial IoT & Augmented Reality

➤ Data Science & Machine Learning

➤ Microservices & cloud infrastructure

➤ Native mobile & desktop development

➤ Cross-platform solutions

Over its 10 years of existence, MobiDev created and delivered more than 350 products, bringing innovation to enterprises and emerging companies around the world. The headquarters of MobiDev are located in Atlanta (USA) and Sheffield (UK). 3 development centers are located in Ukraine.

300+ English-speaking professionals provide regular guaranteed delivery owing to our transparent and sustainable approach.

We make software development easy for our clients, so that they are able to concentrate on the rapid growth of their business.

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