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Andrej Kovacevic

Andrej is a dedicated writer and digital evangelist. He is pursuing an ongoing mission to share the benefits of his years of hard-won expertise with business leaders and marketing professionals everywhere. He is a contributor to a wide range of technology-focused publications, where he may be found discussing everything from neural networks and natural language processing to the latest in smart home IoT devices. If there's a new and exciting technology, there's a good chance Andrej is writing about it somewhere out there.

Security, IoT, Encryption

Fitting Into IoT Security with a New Open-Source Encryption Standard

For IoT to reach its true potential, security issues will require an industry-wide solution such as an open-source encryption standard.
connecgted devices, network, security

How to Create a Bulletproof IoT Network to Shield Your Connected Devices

There's no magic bullet to secure IoT devices, but it's possible to create a network that protects connected devices from cybersecurity attacks.

Improving Your Home IoT Device Security

Today's home IoT devices are a security nightmare. Here are three simple ways that home users should protect themselves and the other devices connected to their home networks.
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