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At ThoughtWire, we’re on a mission to create smarter spaces by using powerful Digital Twin technology to bring built environments to life.

ThoughtWire is on a mission to bring the built environment to life. By orchestrating data from people, processes, and the physical built environment, ThoughtWire delivers smarter, safer, and more efficient hospitals, commercial buildings, and cities. Our software applications put people first.

Powered by Digital Twins, ThoughtWire’s applications for smart hospitals, smart buildings, and smart cities unlock the value of data generated from built environments by combining it with context from people, processes, and IoT devices. Since 2009, ThoughtWire has been changing how we think about the interconnectivity of smart spaces, beginning with its Ambiant™ platform, developed to interconnect and orchestrate people, data, and things in real-time.

Digital Twins Vs. Building Information Modeling

Digital Twins vs. Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM focuses on a building's design and construction while a Digital Twin represents how people interact with built environments.

The Evolution of Building Management Systems: From Limited Control to a Fully Integrated Digital...

To make building operations and tenant experiences seamless and safer, building management systems and digital twin technology is a necessity.
Robot twins on a colorful background

How Can a Digital Twin Create a Seamless Workplace for Employees?

Digital twins solve the challenges of real-time data processing by bringing together data from IT and OT systems, IoT sensors and third-party data in a contextual representation of your built envir...
Two identical robots on a purple background with the text "digital twin"

What Does it Mean to Be Digital Twin Enabled?

Being "digital twin enabled" means using technology to unlock meaningful insights for commercial real estate owners, operators, and occupants.
Building with plants growing out of it

Can Green Buildings Really Help Combat Climate Change?

The current state of the climate is troubling at best. The average global temperature has warmed, snow and ice levels have diminished and the sea level has risen. And there are no signs of these tr...
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