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As the leader in Indoor Journey Analytics, Kontakt.io optimizes processes and resources by revealing how customers move through your business. Using RTLS, IoT, and AI, we uncover waste, streamline capacity, and help your customers and staff feel seen and valued. Delivered as a service, our platform includes IoT devices and sensors, gateways, AI-powered analytics, and web/mobile applications. Our platform operates on open-standard Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), cloud technology, and APIs, allowing for easy deployment and seamless integration into existing infrastructure with full scalability to support your evolving needs. Since 2013, Kontakt.io has provided solutions to +32,000 end users, delivered via +1,200 partners, and deployed +3 million IoT devices in the field.

IoT and RTLS: Providing Solutions to Smart Hospital Challenges

IoT and RTLS: Providing Solutions to Smart Hospital Challenges

Location-based solutions are supporting more efficient operations and patient outcomes by solving challenges in IoT-equipped smart hospitals.
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