Smart Building

Smart buildings are designed to leverage IoT, machine intelligence, and automation to make residential and commercial buildings more efficient and sustainable, and to deliver useful services to occupants.

Smart Building services can include IoT-enabled lighting, HVAC, air quality, security, sanitation, occupancy monitoring and much more. They of incorporate Edge networking and rely on intelligent analytics and machine learning to provide benefits to facility managers and owners. Often, they are also connected to local Smart Utilities.

Future-Proofing for Health Crises: 3 Benefits of Smart Restrooms

Smart restrooms take just a few weeks to implement and have many benefits for our health, preparing us for any…

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Smart Air Quality Monitoring in Buildings

Smart air quality monitoring plays a vital role in the overall health and well-being of building occupants as well as…

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What MATTER(s) Now – The New Smart Home Standard

Matter is a technology attempting to establish interoperability across smart home devices.

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3 Ways Property-Wide Wi-Fi Can Support Remote Work

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Potential Privacy Challenges in a Smart Office

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Cloud-Based IoT Technology For Added School Safety

IoT can increase school safety through wireless smart door locks, noise detection sensors, and integrated access control.

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Smart Meters: Going Global in a Fragmented Market

To achieve economies of scale, utilities companies and metering service providers will want to create standardized, global smart meter devices. 

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3 Ways Smart Apartments Can Support Remote Work

IoT-enabled smart apartments can contribute to the on-demand digitization that enables remote work with property-wide Wi-Fi and other benefits.

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Comparing Pre & Post COVID IoT Deployments in Smart Buildings

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in new IoT use cases and helped to unveil the full potential of IoT in…

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IoT for Libraries: Top 3 Ways Technology Can Improve the User Experience

IoT has made it possible for libraries to use RFID, drones, blockchain, AI, and VR/AR to improve their services.

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