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Why There’s No Killer App for IoT

Every new technology trend brings speculation and talk about a "killer app" that will be the solution to all of our problems.Tech publications and blogs produce countless articles searching for the "killer app" for...

Products Come and Go. Is Your IoT Brand Ready for Market?

The IoT ecosystem is home to a plethora of platform companies that will monitor and manage your IoT devices -- and many IoT platform companies will also sell you end-to-end solutions complete with devices...

6 Things IT Executives Must Do To Accelerate IoT Adoption

Are you ready for the Internet of Things (IoT)? Despite its transformational potential, most organizations are not.In an era of rapid disruption and digital transformation, IT executives and managers must lead the charge. You...

5 “Dot Com” Lessons for IoT

Twenty years ago, the Internet created a gold rush of ideas, opportunities, and new businesses. The news was filled with stories of a new world to be built. Everybody had a billion dollar idea...

Generation IoT Goes to Work: A New Look at Work Roles

New technologies and new processes are at the heart of any Internet of Things (IoT) deployment. They lead to new business models, new organizational structures, and—inevitably—new work roles. But rarely does this transformation happen...

Top 5 Digital Transformation Challenges (and How to Overcome Them)

Companies undergoing a digital transformation have likely enjoyed increased market share and customer engagement, higher employee morale and increased customer revenue, according to the Altimeter Group.As a companion to our previous article highlighting investments...

8 Habits of Highly Effective Data Scientists

I’m fortunate to have met with some of the pioneers of data science and machine learning early on in my career. Their thoughts shaped my interest in the field and their habits formed my daily...
data science product manager

The Data Science Product Manager – New Roles For The New Business Reality

Data science doesn’t productize itself. Many other software products can easily move from brain storm to prototype to market. That path is a straight, obvious line. Moving from a research project to a fully...

An American in Paris – Why I’m looking for tech opportunities in France

Last year a friend of mine asked me to help him with business introductions in France because he wanted to move there. I made some introductions and heard about every trip he took, each...

IoT Predictions: Which IoT Segments Will Succeed?

We recently took a look at IoT Tech Predictions From 6 Of Your Favorite Childhood Movies, including smartwatches predicted in Dick Tracy and virtual assistants in 2001: Space Odyssey. However, while it’s fun to...


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