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Guides, walk-throughs, and breakdowns surrounding IoT related technologies


Sound Classification with TensorFlow

Introduction There are many different projects and services for human speech recognition like Pocketsphinx, Google's Speech API, and many others. Such applications and services recognize...

How To Prototype an Alexa Skill in Two Minutes

It’s been awhile since I talked about our gateway drug to Alexa Skill building — the Ubi Portal skill. With this skill, you can create a...

How To Build a CNC Controller in Python

CNC machine controllers are typically implemented using the C or C++ programming language and running on OS-less or real time operating systems with simple...
microsoft iot

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Part 2: Connecting to the Cloud

In Part 1, we were able to learn a bit about what Microsoft's Azure IoT Edge does, ran a sample app, and modified it....

Microsoft Azure IoT Edge Part 1: A Hands-On Look

Microsoft's Azure IoT Edge was announced at Build 2017 to much fanfare. The idea goes that the edges of a network are underutilized and...
How to Film VR Videos - 4 Tips for 360 Degrees

How to Film VR Videos – 4 Tips for 360 Degrees

Filming in 360 degrees is relatively new, so it's not immediately clear how to film VR videos. While a great deal of the general...
How to add Alexa to a Raspberry Pi

How to Add Alexa to a Raspberry Pi (Or Any Linux Device)

Voice assistants have definitely become a trend, with options like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple's Siri. What really differs them from each other...
Smart Parking Meters – A DIY Tutorial for Building a IoT Parking Meter

Smart Parking Meters – A DIY Tutorial for Building an IoT Parking Meter

Cities are getting smarter, and a vocal group of us hopes that the first issue they solve is traffic. And one cause of the...
LoRaWAN-and-Node-RED-Tutorial-and-Deployment-Tips-(Part II)

LoRaWAN and Node-RED Tutorial and Deployment Tips (Part II)

This series is intended for developers and hackers looking to test out a LoRaWAN network using MultiTech’s Conduit and mDot RF modules. The Things...

29 Free IoT Courses You Can Take Right Now

There’s no denying the Internet of Things (IoT) is on the rise. With the market predicted to reach $1.7 trillion by 2020, I would...


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