Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

What We Publish

IoT For All is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, unbiased content, resources, and news centered on the Internet of Things (IoT) and related fields such as AI, VR/AR, data science, telecommunications, and so forth. All submissions must offer a good, clear answer to the question, “how will reading this be valuable to me?”. Good answers include: It’s educational, it’s informative, it provides useful resources to the reader, or it’s entertaining. Ideally, it’s a combination of these.

What We Don’t Publish

We avoid promotional content, which means any content that is directly trying to sell something to the audience. Whether it’s a product, service, tool, book, training course, or tickets to an event. We aim to keep our content non-promotional to provide an unbiased environment for learning about the Internet of Things.

We understand this is a very hard line to draw, and it’s obviously subjective, so please don’t take it personally. Our main objective is to earn our place as the most trustworthy place in which to enjoy and learn from IoT-focused content—without having to worry that what you’re reading is skewed toward a certain vendor(s).

To maintain the quality and impartiality of our content, we reserve the right to refuse articles that don’t align with our mission and beliefs. Our Editorial Team also reserves the right to revise any submitted content, such that it better reflects our values and guidelines. That includes removing or changing any links—especially “backlinks” that don’t add direct value to the content, or links we deem to be promotional.

How to Write Your Post

  1. Choose a Persona: Our target audience is comprised of three personas. Each is detailed in our Guide: The Three Personas for IoT For All. Your topic must be framed for one primary persona. It’s true that some topics may be valuable for multiple personas, but there needs to be a specific focus— otherwise, we risk appealing to no one.
  2. Choose a Content-Type: Your post can be written to perform well in search results (searchable) or to perform well on social channels (shareable). Each has its merits and a distinct approach, detailed in our Guide: Writing for SEO vs. Writing for Social.

Write in clear and easily understandable language. Too often, IoT-related resources written by engineers are overly technical. We publish a range of resources—from non-technical introductions to highly-technical teardowns of specific IoT technologies. However, always remember that simplicity comes after complexity. Strive to include as wide an audience as possible in your writing. And if highly technical language or acronyms aren’t essential to the specific piece, don’t use them. Lastly, add a little personality to your writing!

And finally, your post should be between 500 and 2000 words.

How the Submission Process Works

  1. If it’s your first time publishing with us, just send us your article through this portal. (If you’d like to contribute more regularly, use this portal). 
  2. We will review all submissions thoroughly and get back to you within approximately 3-5 business days. We rarely take longer than that to respond, but if we do, don’t worry—our small team is just having a hectic week.
  3. After being accepted and reviewed, your article can take from seven days up to one month to be published, depending on the queue and editorial planning. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know via email exactly when your article will be published as soon as we’ve scheduled it.


Will IoT For All cross-post content I’ve already written?

Absolutely! If you have content you have already created and posted elsewhere and you want to breathe new life into that content, then IoT For All is the perfect place to do just that. We do ask that whenever possible you write an original post for IoT For All to share. Original just means that you wait at least two weeks after the post goes live on IoT For All before you publish elsewhere (like your own personal or company blog), for SEO purposes.

Once my content is posted on IoT For All, can I cross post it elsewhere?

Of course! You own the content you create if you want to crosspost your content to other publications that is totally fine with us.

If you do create an original post for IoT For All, we do request that you wait 2 weeks before crossposting to other outlets as to let the full power of our SEO optimization take effect.

Interested in contributing to IoT For All regularly?

Our goal is to bring together the smartest minds in IoT to share knowledge through various forms of content, all aimed at educating the world on the value of IoT. So if you believe in our mission, we’re always on the lookout for talented Contributing Writers (individuals) and expert Members (companies) to join our community—for free.

For more information about becoming a contributor, check out the Join the Community page. You can directly apply by filling out the Contributing Writer Application or Member Application. Include some samples of your best writing!


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