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5 Ways Computer Vision Helps Solve Your Business Challenges

Computer vision is disrupting various industries and bringing unique benefits to help owners solve key business challenges.



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smart home energy harvesting

Making the Smart Home More Sustainable

Atmosic Technologies explores how energy harvesting technology is the next step in making smart homes even more sustainable.
iot spectrometer water quality

IoT-Enabled Spectrometers for Water Quality Monitoring

The water quality monitoring market is growing, and IoT-enabled spectrometers may become more widely used for monitoring purposes.
panda numpy python libraries

Pandas vs. NumPy: Which is Best for Data Analysis?

When considering Pandas vs NumPy, it's important to highlight the key differences in design, function, syntax, and language.
smart apartments

Busting 3 Myths About Smart Apartments

As the IoT market grows, so does misinformation. STRATIS IoT debunks various smart apartment myths in this article.
rapid prototyping

What is Rapid Prototyping and Why Your Tech Team May Need It

Rapid prototyping can make hardware and software development less costly, time-consuming, and risky.
data science projects 2022

Data Science Projects to Add to Your Portfolio in 2022

Adding data science projects to your portfolio will help you obtain deeper knowledge and gain experience in the data science business.
multinational digital transformation

How Digital Transformation is Affecting Compliance for Multinationals

Multinational organizations must follow governments' playbooks and leverage machine learning during this time of digital transformation.
remote work iot security

IoT Security in the Era of Remote Work

This article explores remote work IoT security and outlines what organizations can do to address these vulnerabilities.
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