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5 Challenges to Adopting IIoT & Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 technologies are gaining traction while providing crucial tools to optimize processes, leverage connected data, and make data-driven decisions.



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Building IoT Solutions on a Solid Foundation

Finding a stable foundation to build an IoT infrastructure upon doesn't have to be difficult. Video, budget and data analytics are a great place to start.

Diversity is the First Step to Developing Ethical AI Systems

Creating ethical AI systems is often talked about, but the scale at which diversity must be implemented in the Machine Learning process is often overlooked.

IoT: Powering Smart Solar Farms for Asset Management and Beyond

IoT has helped energy companies to manage their solar assets better, save costs, maintain assets better, and be more compliant.

How the Internet of Medical Things is Meeting New Healthcare Demands During COVID-19

The pandemic has brought to light the need for IoMT and systems that actively treat patients with chronic diseases who need continuous care while self-isolating.

Engineering Design Process: The Changing Role of Simulation and the Simulation Revolution

Engineering Simulation has grown into significant importance and is set for sustainable evolutionary growth in the design process.

Navigating IoT regulations in the EU

IoT businesses should be aware of any future law or norm that may impact decision-making, including European Union standards and regulations.

The Ledger of Things: IoT and Distributed Ledger Technology

When paired with a trusted digital ledger, IoT can establish collective confidence in the status of things to improve business efficiency, automation, and innovation.

The Uncanny Valley: Why Consumers Distrust Lifelike AI

Consumers distrust AI, but greater knowledge and transparency about its presence in our lives may contribute to increased trust in the technology.