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The Potential of Machine Learning and AI for Smart Buildings

Applying machine learning to smart buildings has the potential to completely change our relationship to the built environment. To understand how impactful this change could be, the current state of building...

Welcome to the IoT Technosphere

The IoT Ecosystem The "IoT ecosystem" is an apt analogy. Although it was in use as a phrase before his blog post, Bruce Sinclair (the same Bruce Sinclair that presented recently on digital...

Lessons from Running an IoT-Driven Aquaponics Greenhouse

In addition to running KnowThings, I have the privilege of being the CTO/Lead Engineer/ Lead QA Engineer for my wife’s farm, FunkNFresh Farms. CTO? Lead Engineer you ask? Well FunkNFresh Farms...

Coming Soon to a Hotel Near You: AI for Building Maintenance

The hospitality industry is trying to find the X factor to get back on top. With competitors like Airbnb entering the scene as unique places for travelers to stay and brand...

How To Prototype & Test Your AR/VR Product Idea in One Week

You’ve chosen a market, a segment of the market and a strategic approach to innovation that has made your competition irrelevant. Nice work... you're nailing this.By now you will have no...
"There will be all kinds of hiccups, horror stories, accidents, deliberate acts of sabotage and other bumps along the road that will slow but not stop our greater connectivity. Convenience and empowerment always seem to win for most people,...

The 3 Biggest Opportunities for IoT Innovation in Smart Buildings

The first step to any IoT project is having in-depth knowledge and understanding of the problem that needs to be solved. The biggest opportunities in the Smart Building market have existed...

Should We Make Digital Twins of Our Bodies?

Digitizing paper health records is a far cry from the benefits we could get out of our own digital twin. The world of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is awash with stories...

What Happens When Blockchain Meets IoT?

Since the beginning of 2018, a few reports and articles predicting the next boom in the tech world mentioned that the Blockchain Internet of Things might be the next key development....

3 Steps to Get Clean, Structured Data You Trust

It’s their least favorite part of the job, yet it consumes most of their time. Data wrangling - or gathering and preparing dirty data so it can be used in critical...

Stop Doing Nothing and Get Your Cybersecurity House In Order

With another major data breach hitting the headlines, it's time to take action."...the data was sitting in an Amazon Web Services storage "bucket," left open to anyone with an account, which are...

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