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NKT to Showcase THINKT Digital IoT Asset Tracking Solution for Cable Drum Tracking at Embedded World


At Embedded World 2019, THINKT Digital will introduce the TrackMyDrum platform developed in collaboration with Klika Tech as an evolutionary integration of technologies that rely on AWS and NB-IoT standard for global, secure, reliable, and real-time connections to custom asset tracking trackers developed for the cable industry.

TrackMyDrum was developed by NKT innovation hub THINKT Digital and Klika Tech as an integration of custom hardware and software solutions powered by AWS IoT platform that together allow data from IoT trackers and mobile devices to be gathered, analyzed and acted upon. The platform removes blind spots as assets are manufactured, shipped, and used in harshest conditions across the globe with the assurance of up-to-date, reliable data delivered via NB-IoT.

“The multiple companies that touch a drum of cable as it travels to projects around the globe rely on timely information about delivery, usage and environmental conditions, all of which can be gathered anywhere where modern mobile communication networks exist,” said Veaceslav Driglov, Head of THINKT Digital. “Working with Klika Tech to understand and meet the needs of an entire industry, our integration of AWS solutions, custom hardware, and software today can be used by any company to gather timely data from connected devices in the field and turn it into actionable insights.”

TrackMyDrum is the first digital asset tracking system for the cable industry that reduces costly delays and inaccurate inventory management by providing holistic views into the handling of materials with the reliability of NB-IoT standard network connections. The relatively new technology provides a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) option with the benefit of consuming less power, improving uptime reliability for guaranteed communications and removing needs for proprietary communication gateways and limitations of limited size data transmissions. Customized hardware trackers were developed in cooperation with SODAQ, an innovative Dutch IoT company.

“The introduction of TrackMyDrum is a watershed moment in the evolution of IoT applications and solutions for the cable industry,” said Gennadiy M. Borisov, Klika Tech’s President and Co-CEO. “The successful launch of a commercial solution with global reach has proven the reliability and end-to-end strength of IoT applications that use the rapidly-developing NB-IoT standards.”

The companies are exhibiting at the AWS stand (4-568) at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, from February 26-28.

TrackMyDrum is already in use at utilities, installation companies and cable vendors in Germany. It is available for download as an Android or iOS app for anyone handling drums and cables. For more information visit https://site.trackmydrum.com/.

About THINKT Digital

Founded in 2017, THINKT DIGITAL is the innovation hub created by NKT Group to create digital solutions for the energy industry. NKT develops, manufactures and markets high quality cables, accessories and solutions for electrical infrastructure. The innovation hub’s sole purpose is to solve industry-wide and cross-industry innovation challenges in the energy sector and beyond by leveraging the latest technologies.

Klika Tech is a global Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud product and solutions Development Company headquartered in the U.S. with development and management locations across Europe and North America. Founded in 2013 by business-oriented technologists, Klika Tech co-creates end-to-end hardware, embedded, and software solutions for wearables, smart home/building/city platforms, connected healthcare, smart retail, connected agriculture, asset tracking, automotive, smart mobility, and cloud IoT hub integrations.

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