Podcast E017 | How IoT Plays a Role in Mission-Critical Systems | Mark Testoni, CEO at SAP NS2

#AskIoT | E017

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The #AskIoT team sits down with Mark Testoni to discuss IoT in the public sector, how IoT affects National Security and the most challenging parts of building mission-critical solutions.

In this episode, we address the differences between IoT in the public sector verse thecommercial and consumer industries. Mark discusses what success looks like for companies who sell IoT solutions and those that are looking to adopt IoT for their organizations.

Stability and reliability are essential for any defense sector mission-critical enterprise system, which differs from the consumer space. We asked Mark about the unique challenges in building mission-critical systems, how he addresses these challenges and what’s required to ensure they’re achieved.

We conclude the episode with our #AskIoT segment. Mark provides insight into the biggest implications IoT has on national security, and what the future of IoT looks like in the public sector.

Mark leaves us with a message about SAP’s non-profit, NS2 Serves, a program dedicated to helping veterans by providing valuable IT training and employment assistance at no cost to the veterans. Be sure to check it out!

#AskIoT Questions:

  1. What are the biggest implications IoT has on national security?
  2. Which parts of a mission-critical solution pose the most challenges when building?
  3. What does the future of IoT look like in the public/government sector?

If you are interested in connecting with Mark, you can reach him on LinkedIn or Twitter!

About SAP NS2: SAP NS2 is an independent subsidiary of SAP that was established to provide SAP and Sybase software, product support and consulting services to customers, partners and stakeholders in the US national security and critical infrastructure communities.

About NS2Serves.org: NS2 Serves is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established by SAP NS2. The organization serves and helps veterans by providing valuable IT training and employment assistance, at no cost to the veterans.

Have any IoT related questions you want us to ask on a future episode? If so, tweet us @iotforall or use the hashtag #AskIoT and we will be sure to try and answer it!

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