Podcast E030 | Augmenting Supply Chains With IoT | Peter Mehring, Founder & CEO of Zest Labs | IoT For All

Podcast E030 | Augmenting Supply Chains With IoT | Peter Mehring, Founder & CEO of Zest Labs

#IoTFounders | E030

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On this IoT For All podcast episode, Peter Mehring, Founder & CEO of Zest Labs discusses how IoT is augmenting the global fresh food supply chain. He also shares how IoT solutions improve labor utilization and reduce the impact of food waste.

Peter reflects on his journey to starting Zest Labs and developing Zest Fresh— a solution that improves both food quality and product margins while reducing waste and benefiting the environment. In a nutshell, it modernizes the food distribution and delivery system.

We also discuss how the education process is vital to customer acquisition, explore the root causes of food waste and think about what can be done about the issue. The episode concludes with Peter providing advice for founders and companies looking to solve global issues with IoT.

If you’re interested in connecting with Peter, check out his LinkedIn!

About Zest Labs: Zest Labs is an AgTech company modernizing the post-harvest fresh food supply chain to improve food safety and reduce food waste by 50 percent or more. Their flagship solution, Zest Fresh, provides autonomous, field-to-shelf visibility for proactive decision making to improve delivered freshness and reduce shrink. Integrated blockchain technology provides true transparency for food safety, product freshness, and traceability. Zest Fresh improves profitability and increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty while promoting sustainability.

Key Question and Topics from this Episode:

(01:41) Peter’s journey to creating Zest Labs

(04:53) What are the root causes of food waste that prompted Peter to build his solutions?

(09:55) What process did Peter and his team take to build their solution?

(14:40) What issues did Peter and his team come across when it came to adoption by potential customers?

(20:37) How does Zest Labs influence the accuracy of the “Best By” or “Use By” dates to help extend the life of produce?

(25:05) How are IoT solutions helping to improve labor utilization?

(27:30) How are growers viewing autonomous options for labor?

(29:44) What is the typical style of client engagement?

(38:35) What are the impacts of food waste and what can be done to curb the issue as individuals and companies?

(41:51) What advice do you (Peter) have for founders and companies looking to solve global problems with IoT?

(44:27) How to connect with Peter and his team.

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