Welsh Tech start-up, Ambiquire, release a challenger wearable motion device at a fraction of the cost of competitors | IoT For All

Welsh Tech start-up, Ambiquire, release a challenger wearable motion device at a fraction of the cost of competitors


Welsh Tech Start-up Ambiquire, launched their first product on Indiegogo on Friday 28th June. At a top price of only £90 the AccelerU device is being offered as both a complete wearable and as an embeddable board for product developers who are keen to get the same benefits but built into a bespoke solution, such as a helmet or Ski boots.

The AccelerU is a lightweight and discreet device weighing only 18g and only 2.7cm L x 2.2cm W x 1.5cm D, which measures Acceleration, gyroscopic motion and G-force. The company has developed the device and their IoS and Android Apps alongside neurophysiologist and expert sport scientists to create a product that is suitable for sports, wellbeing and health applications. It has gone through rigorous testing with Elite Athletes across Ice Hockey, Skeleton and Rugby players with excellent results.

Unlike other devices that focus on one particular sport or one specific aspect such as improving Golf Swing or impact to the head, the AccelerU has been designed to be an all-encompassing device that can be easily placed across the body, from the neck and head, to the knee and ankle. Real-time data is provided on the selected bluetooth enabled device but is also saved and recorded to a selected cloud location to create profiles on individuals and to track performance and changes based on impacts, training techniques as well as interventions by therapists to get an objective picture of what works for that individual and what gets the best results.

Like the tech sector that is built on collaboration and open-sourcing, Ambiquire’s ambition is to create a collaborative, accessible and fair community that can support other sectors such as sport and health with tech that is accessible (easy-to-use and affordable).

Having worked with many Elite athletes, patients, and other businesses across and array of industries Ambiquire has seen the struggle for budgets for kit and consultation first hand which has become a large barrier for so many, particularly when looking at the funding going into olympic athletes and socialised healthcare. Creating products that require little technical knowledge and little upfront costs helps to open up the opportunities to many more people to quickly advance new innovation.

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