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aicas to Showcase IIoT Solutions that Drive Digital Transformation at Embedded World 2019


aicas, a producer of Java-based software for analysis, runtime and real-time embedded systems, at Embedded World 2019 in Nuremberg Germany, introduced its new Industrial-IoT solution for developing agile, more efficient operations with Machine Learning.

The unique features of Jamaica-IoT were demonstrated with applications for realtime empowerment of data from the Edge of operations for the Industrial IoT (IIoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) processes that are accelerating digital transformations across a wide range of industries.

The company developed Jamaica-IOT to be a secure, downloadable, connected, lightweight application framework for IIoT that uniquely enables managing data from the edge of operations as an embedded, ML technology that supports autonomous decision-making using realtime data.

Building on its track record of success delivering advanced, connected car solutions, aicas introduced Jamaica-IoT to answer the demand for reliable realtime data and low latency that are essential for fostering AI and ML for efficient industrial operations. Jamaica-IoT enables dynamic configuration updates as a platform with the flexibility to adapt to different applications with reusability, reliability, security, availability, and support for multiple communication protocols.

“Companies are discovering their competitive edge can be honed at their network’s edge, where realtime data analytics and control logic can be used to drive out operational inefficiencies,” said Johannes M. Biermann, aicas General Manager. “We were able to demonstrate how Jamaica-IoT can be used to open an instant, secure window into a range of data so companies can see where their operations can be more agile.”

aicas focused on the power of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) as problem solving becomes an iterative procedure, often with more and more configurations that must be created, downloaded and turned operational. Company leaders explored how these updates can be done quickly, safely and automatically, without a complete exchange of hardware or having to pause an industrial running system.

“Successful Machine Learning models have the ability to draw conclusions from a range of input data based on experience,” said Dr. James J. Hunt, aicas Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technical Officer. “With Jamaica-IoT we’re providing the instant connections for analysis of a variety of data, tools to extract the useful information, and the ability to make informed decisions in realtime.”

The aicas-team has worked with customers in industrial, automotive, and other embedded software segments for almost two decades. Founded in its current headquarters in the high-tech and academic environment in Karlsruhe, Germany, aicas has grown into a global, high-tech firm with European and American branches. Some of the largest suppliers in automotive and industrial segments use aicas software solutions and build on aicas expertise to empower millions of devices and vehicles.

More information on Jamaica-IoT is available at

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