AllThingsTalk partners with OKdo on new cloud platform

AllThingsTalk partners with OKdo on new cloud platform


Gent, Belgium – London, UK, 4 April 2019 AllThingsTalk has announced a cloud platform designed in partnership with OKdo, a new global technology company launched today by Electrocomponents Plc (LSE:ECM). Okdo is dedicated to single board computing (SBC) and the opportunities arising from the adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Based on the AllThingsTalk Cloud platform, OKdo Cloud is an end-to-end device connectivity solution that simplifies design, prototyping and full scale deployment of IoT products. OKdo Cloud is offered free-of-charge for proto-typing to engineers, makers and innovators and allows connecting devices such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

IoT and Industry 4.0 are gaining momentum, but are held back by market fragmentation, competing standards and security concerns. Connecting hardware to cloud in a reliable way requires a specific mix of hardware and software skills and this learning curve is a major blocker. OKdo Cloud removes these barriers by offering a set of pre-configured hardware packages and an easy-to-use, secure device and data management layer, removing the complexity from IoT design with the aim to accelerate the adoption of IoT.

OKdo Cloud provides an intuitive, single platform that can be used by anyone, regardless of the project complexity or the individual’s technical skills. Users can connect their IoT devices, allowing them to interact, store and visualise data using mobile or web dashboards to build breakthrough applications.

Whether it’s home automation, healthcare, transportation, retail, energy or any other sector, IoT devices are generating valuable data. The ability to securely store, process, visualise and understand this data and the insight it provides to users, is central to OKdo Cloud.

Stefaan Top, COO and CCO at AllThingsTalk said: “This partnership with OKdo is an important next step in the ambition of AllThingsTalk to make IoT technologies accessible for developers and business innovators across the globe.  Developed by AllThingsTalk and jointly marketed, the OKdo IoT Cloud in combination with carefully selected hardware, will guide customers at every stage of the IoT innovation process.”

“At OKdo we want to help people to design the world. The IoT and connected devices are at the heart of their visions, so we’re really excited to launch the OKdo Cloud, making it easier for our customers’ visions to become a reality,” explained Richard Curtin, SVP Technology at OKdo. “OKdo Cloud is agnostic and focused on visualisation of data. It supports everyone from makers, entrepreneurs, start-ups and global businesses. By offering OKdo Cloud free-of-charge our plan is to build communities to help accelerate the adoption of IoT and enable ideas to reach their full potential.”

Nils Christensson, VP IoT at OKdo, said: “We’re really pleased to partner with AllThingsTalk. We’re excited to provide our customers with the OKdo Cloud as a free tool to help them learn, explore, innovate and make the design process faster, easier and more affordable.

“Our customers all over the world actively work on IoT projects to enhance the quality of life, boost productivity and enable sustainability. OKdo Cloud will help them launch their products to market more quickly. With business and enterprise customers in mind we will also be offering IoT Cloud “Spaces”, a paid-for subscription with more advanced functionality to complement the free-of-charge entry product.”

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About AllThingsTalk
AllThingsTalk develops and markets a scalable Internet of Things product platform which can be used as an agile prototyping environment, as well as full-service roll-out of connected products. It lets you connect hardware over a variety of networks and seamlessly manages devices and users, organising access, visualisation and usage of the collected data.  For more information:

About OKdo
OKdo is a new global technology company from Electrocomponents (LSE:ECM) set to disrupt single board computer (SBC) and IoT segments. Offering a unique combination of hardware, software, development support, manufacturing services and community projects, it is the world’s first business uniquely focused on meeting the rapidly evolving needs of SBC and IoT customers, from makers and entrepreneurs to industrial designers, educators and resellers. For more information:

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