Amber Solutions Announces Breakthrough Smart Circuit Breakers for Both Retrofit and New Panel Installation

(Dublin, CA – April 2, 2019) Amber Solutions, Inc. (Amber)—a disruptive company with technological breakthroughs that upgrades current 1950’s era electrical infrastructure—today announced plans for its next generation smart circuit breakers, based on the company’s patent-pending technologies. Amber intends to deliver two configurations: The first is an electro-mechanical/solid-state hybrid for quicker time to market and the second is a solid-state version with additional disruptive features.  Amber’s circuit breakers will bring safety, energy awareness and intelligence above traditional and even connected solutions. The range of features include enhanced reliability, arc-free switching, whole building energy awareness with power metering and management, capacitive touch and wireless control, programmability, and other functions not found in traditional circuit breakers. Amber’s premium solid-state circuit breaker was demonstrated to the industry earlier this year at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show and the International Builder’s Show.

Amber is engaged with top tier electrical product manufacturers and smart platform companies to jointly bring Amber smart circuit breakers, and other Amber products, to market. The first of the two planned circuit breaker configurations is a hybrid solution that offers Amber powered solid-state functions, plus traditional electro-mechanical elements. This configuration upgrades current circuit breaker architecture with connectivity for remote wireless whole building energy awareness, alerts and IoT functions and enables quicker time to market for partners. The second configuration improves upon the traditional electro-mechanical structure with solid-state, arc-free, switching, also in today’s standard product footprint, that delivers Amber’s breakthrough advantages for whole building energy awareness, alerts, IoT functions and wireless control. Both configurations are for global retrofit and new panel installations and will be an upgrade over legacy 1950’s era electrification infrastructure.  

“We are pleased to announce this highly disruptive upgrade to the world’s old circuit breaker technology,” said Thar Casey CEO Amber Solutions. “The solid-state nature of our products delivers superior quality and advanced IoT with M2M integration, for a truly modern, next generation infrastructure within the electrical foundation of buildings.”  

Casey continued, “And in conjunction with Amber’s broader portfolio of smarter outlets and switches, our circuit breaker becomes a strategic control center for what we call a ‘5th utility’ in homes and buildings—intelligent infrastructure embedded directly in the walls of residential and commercial buildings.”

Standing alone, Amber’s smart solid-state circuit breaker is unique and competitive. Yet, when installed in conjunction with Amber-powered solid-state outlets and switches, the portfolio will become a next generation energy management ecosystem. Amber’s circuit breaker at the center of this ecosystem provides a highly disruptive whole home energy awareness, management and cost savings foundation that is connected and controllable down to every electrical endpoint in a building—every outlet and switch location, every recessed lighting can, and more. This Amber-powered, IoT optimized, next generation infrastructure is a breakthrough upgrade to the 1950’s era electrical infrastructure that exists in every home and building today, globally.  

Amber will be working with major electrical product manufacturers and smart platform providers on bringing its smart circuit breakers and other products in its portfolio to global market in 2020.  

Reach out to Amber at to connect with the leadership team and to learn more about Amber’s solid state IoT breakthrough.

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