Block Armour Announces a Blockchain-Enabled Zero Trust Cybersecurity Solution for IoT Systems

Block Armour Announces a Blockchain-Enabled Zero Trust Cybersecurity Solution for IoT Systems


Singapore: Cybersecurity startup Block Armour today announced the release of IoT Armour, its Blockchain-enabled security solution designed specifically for connected devices, related critical infrastructure and IoT networks. With a focus on securing the growing web of connected devices, people and data, IoT Armour provides a next-gen military-grade security system to protect smart cities, autonomous mobility technology devices, and other IoT systems against cyber-threats.

The breakthrough new solution leverages digital signature based identity and authentication for humans, machines and data, thereby securing connected devices tightly ring-fencing critical infrastructure. IoT Armour delivers an enhanced Software-Defined Perimeter using private permission Blockchain and TLS technology. Digital signatures allow users to authenticate and authorize recognized devices within an IoT network, securing communication between such devices within the network and preventing untoward or unauthorized devices to hack into these now protected networks.

“The rapidly growing world of connected smart devices presents enormous security risks and the existing security solutions are unable to keep pace, scale-up and address the security challenges faced by the emerging IoT world”, states Abhijit Dhongade, CTO of Block Armour. “Emerging technology offers opportunities to secure sensor networks, IoT devices and smart infrastructure in bold new ways. And we are proud to lead the way.”

Utilizing Blockchain-based digital signatures, IoT Armour offers Zero Trust security for critical IoT infrastructure, connected devices as well as communication networks.

Block Armour, the creator of IoT Armour, is exploring collaboration with multiple manufacturers, government agencies, and IoT solution vendors to build out next-gen ultra-secure IoT systems.

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About Block Armour

Accelerated by Airbus Bizlab and rated among the top 25 cybersecurity startups globally by Accenture, Block Armour is an India and Singapore-based venture focused on harnessing the potential of Blockchain technology to counter growing cybersecurity challenges in bold new ways. Its Secure Shield platform leverages Software-Defined Perimeter, Blockchain and TLS technology to deliver military-grade security systems targeted at protecting critical infrastructure and connected devices against evolving cyber-threats.

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