Chainway Unveils Fixed Android RFID Reader URA8

Chainway Unveils Fixed Android RFID Reader URA8


Chainway, a global provider of data collection devices and solutions, recently launched newly upgraded fixed RFID reader URA8. URA8 is an 8-channel RFID reader with powerful system configuration and robust RFID performance. It can be widely used in warehousing, archives management, library management, banking, shoes and apparel, jewelry, watches, laundry, production line management, medical equipment cabinets, and vending machine, etc.

Based on Android OS and Qualcomm Quad-core processor, URA8 delivers high-speed and smooth data processing capability. Configured with Impinj R2000 RFID chip, it enables high-level RFID reading and writing performance with fast read speed and high accuracy. Besides, it allows inventory bulk reading of UHF tags that enables read rate of more than 700 tags/s, which contributes to more efficient experience of tag reading for users.

Chainway URA8 has eight output interfaces that are compatible with various types of antennas and can be simultaneously integrated with eight external antennas, thus can be deployed by users according to practical application scenarios. With excellent anti-interference performance and stability, the RFID reader can be perfectly qualified even in challenging and complex applications.

Fixed RFID reader URA8 supports interfaces like RS232, RJ45 and HDMI that enable transmission of data, audio and video, which helps users to collect and manage various types of information in an easy way. In addition, with a variety of development kits, users can also perform customized extensive functions based on their needs to further expand usage scenarios. And it provides users of different industries with functions that stay more closed to their actual needs.

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