New CAS Gateway Creates BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU Points for Real-Time Weather Values!

New CAS Gateway Creates BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU Points for Real-Time Weather Values!


Vancouver, BC, Canada – June 3rd, 2019 – Chipkin has developed a custom driver for the CAS HTTP JSON Gateway (CAS 2700-79) which allows it to poll for values in JSON payloads over HTTP or HTTP(s). The values are extracted using a JSON path system, and then the values are stored in an internal database. The data is then made available via other protocols such as BACnet IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, etc. The CAS 2700-79 HTTP JSON Gateway driver can be used injunction with any HTTP(s) JSON API.

An example use-case for this product would be to poll an online weather prediction service such as for weather information. Using the Darksky weather API, the CAS Gateway could be used to create BACnet IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU points for weather values such as; Apparent (feels-like) temperature, Atmospheric pressure, Cloud cover, Dew point, Humidity, Liquid precipitation rate, Moon phase, Nearest storm distance, Nearest storm direction, Ozone, Precipitation type, Snowfall, Sun rise/set, Temperature, Text summaries, UV index, Wind gust, Wind speed, Wind direction, etc..

Other examples include; predictive fuel and energy prices, local traffic reports, air quality, energy meters, fuel tank levels, is the current date a holiday, or historical country wide egg production levels.

For more information about the CAS HTTP JSON Gateway (CAS 2700-79), check out our website:

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