Veego Reveals Breakthrough Connected Home Solution for Internet Service Providers

Veego Reveals Breakthrough Connected Home Solution for Internet Service Providers


Veego, an Israel-based startup bringing artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies to perfect the customer experience and slash customer-support costs of the smart home, today revealed industry-changing information surrounding the release of its first commercial product. The AI-embellished, home router-resident Veego Agent continuously monitors the behavior of devices and services while it autonomously detects, analyzes and resolves malfunctions and behavior anomalies as they occur.

After several demanding proof-of-concept projects undertaken with leading Internet Service Providers in Europe and North America on various Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), Veego opens the curtain on its eagerly anticipated Veego Agent, providing improved customer experience and cost-slashing customer-support assistance to ISPs, as well as technological and brand superiority to router manufacturers.

“Until now, Service Providers have been blind to the myriad of connected devices that their customers have been buying, hooking up, configuring, and using,” said Veego CTO, Denis Sirov. “Our AI-enabled Agent not only gives them real-time visibility of devices, but also the services they consume, all in real time and without intruding into personal information.”

The Veego Agent resides unobtrusively in home routers and extenders, and goes far beyond watching device and service behavior. Automatically detecting behavior anomalies, often before home users experience problems, the Agent analyzes and pinpoints the source of device and service problems within and even beyond the home. For ISPs, that means an end to lengthy support calls, unproductive truck rolls and unnecessary equipment replacements which are very significant drains on profitability.

“Many ISPs and router manufacturers are anxious to gain the extreme value from installing the Veego Agent in home routers,” stated Amir Kotler, Veego CEO. “Our ROI calculations indicate a $25 savings per home per year just on customer-support services for ISPs, not to mention higher customer satisfaction and lower churn rates. In addition, Veego also issues alerts about conditions that can help generate millions of dollars annually in upsell and cross-sell opportunities. This includes automatic identification of customers who will be receptive to offers of extenders, bandwidth packages and other smart devices in the ISP’s arsenal.”

The Veego Agent is now generally available.

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About Veego

Veego puts an end to malfunctions in the smart home, autonomously discovering devices and services, and resolving problems before customers experience them. The company’s software-only solution provides smart-home service providers with visibility into the customer experience. Via its unique Malfunction Knowledgebase, Veego automatically detects, analyzes and resolves problems, perfecting the customer experience. With Veego, support calls are deflected and shortened, truck rolls are reduced, and unnecessary hardware replacements are eliminated. To learn more, please visit

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