Dusun Announces its Edge Computing Gateways for IoT Solution Provider

Dusun Announces its Edge Computing Gateways for IoT Solution Provider


Dusun Electron Ltd., a China leading manufacturer & supplier of smart edge devices for solutions of the internet of things, today announced their open source programmable edge computing IoT gateways/hubs. SDKs and APIs are provided which can be used to let customers make their programs to control the data processing and transfer procedure. The Linux OpenWrt-based gateway enables customers to develop IoT projects and applications more flexibly & efficiently without the need of development from the ground up.

Smart hubs in the IoT field assume many more roles along with the expansion of the IoT market in home automation, elderly care, office, security control, energy saving, smart lighting, and so on. The Linux-based gateway has been made by the demands of processing a large amount of data coming from various sensors and devices. It can be flexibly equipped with apps to execute local policy and respond within milliseconds that can be useful for many applications.

Dusun’s smart open source gateways were the leading edge computing IoT products in China that allow the developer to make advanced applications based on them. They included several modules with different protocols for various demands on the IoT projects and also coupled with innovative ideas and high quality. Comparison with the ordinary gateways, Dusun’s edge computing gateways put more emphasis on improving the computing power of the IoT gateways. The gateway plays a key role in the Dusun edge computing solution. They collect data from various sensors/terminals and do data processing immediately, and the open source hubs integrate smart devices to third-party platforms. What’s more, the programmable ability makes the gateways be suitable for many edge computing applications. That gives developers an easy way to build IoT projects through a simplified development process using a very fair price and providing rapid technical support for the response.

Dusun’s edge computing gateway offers the following advantages:

  • Open source hardware: The IoT hubs run on the Linux OpenWrt system allow developers to do much more extensive applications and advanced development.
  • High compatibility: The open source gateway can uplink to most of the cloud platforms like Tuya, Ayla Network, HomeKit, and downlink to wireless devices or sensors of different brands.
  • Multiple protocols: This edge computing gateway supports major protocols including Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave, BLE, 3G/4G LTE, and Wi-Fi.

“Dusun is pleased to create the high-quality edge computing hub for IoT solution providers,” said Benny Chan, chief executive officer of Dusun. “With our expertise in embedded technology as well as in manufacture with optimized industrial design and cost, we are looking to build on it and broaden our technology areas of focus for IoT edge computing capability to help more developers,” added Chan.

More detailed information about Dusun’s edge computing hub can be found on our website (dusuniot.com) including the application scenarios, and other important details.

About Dusun Electron Ltd.

Dusun Electron Ltd., a high-growth global leader and provider for wireless human-computer interaction solutions and IoT system solutions, is uniquely positioned with a broad-based wireless technology portfolio inclusive of ZigBee, Z-Wave, RF4CE, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G/4G, LTE and interactive paradigms with voice, touch, motion pointing, gesture recognition, and virtual reality control

Dusun’s wireless human-computer interaction solutions include IR, RF (Bluetooth BLE, ZigBee/RF4CE, 2,4G, WiFi), voice control, air-mouse and touch along with products covering smart remote control, VR controller and wireless modules. Dusun’s IoT system solutions include ZigBee 3.0, Z-wave, 3G/4G/LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth-based smart sensors and gateway along with cloud platform services to support applications from smart home, smart access control, smart hotel management, to elder care assistance.

The company specializes in design, development and manufacturing of innovative products and solutions that are used by the world’s premier brands in such markets including Smart TV, PayTV & OTT and IoT sectors. With design and development excellence and core competencies in introducing many technology firsts to the market, Dusun further demonstrates its commitment as a world leader in its field over traditional remote control competitors.

For more information about Dusun’s latest product demos, please contact [email protected]

Dusun Media Contact:
Taylor Zhou, Sales and Marketing
[email protected]

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