hIOTron releases Ultimate Guide on How Smart Button helps in Emergency Situation

All around the world, safety for women is the biggest concern. In some situations, making a call or seeking out help is not always possible. With the new technological developments in the field of IoT, something can be done about it. hIOTron Smart Button For Safety is one of these new IoT Developments.

Once this button completes its given task then automatically goes into deep sleep mode for less battery consumption. Therefore, once the full battery is charged through USB then up-to 2000 button clicks operations can be done.

The hope is that with the integration of smart buttons and IoT technology, these safety devices more widely available to women, elders and kids in developing countries and all around the world.

Advance Use of Buttons:

This button can be paired with home automation and house appliances to:

  • Lock/Unlock the doors.
  • Turn on lights before you get home.
  • Start coffeemaker from your bed, etc.

You can use it to the internet applications to:

  • Call a cab
  • You can order pizza, groceries, etc.

You can use it with communication applications to:

  • Send an SMS to or from someone
  • Function as a call button for a nurse, server, or help desk
  • Send a reminder or confirmation, like when your kids get home from school

Future pathway:

  • Local data storage ability to store the record in case of connectivity loss.
  • Modular integration option can be given in the hardware for GPRS (2G, 3G or 4G) & Wi-Fi to reduce more size.

Apart from other smart buttons, hIOTron’s smart button for safety purposed to reduce the time between the onset of an incident and the responders’ arrival. This technology revolutionizes the Internet of Things industry. When it comes to security, this evolution is changing the system. In places all around the world, women, elders and kids face many security concerns and need ways to receive help in an unsafe situation. IoT solutions offer a way to do this in a safe and attainable way.

To know more about Smart Button for Safety: https://www.hiotron.com/smart-button-for-safety/

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