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Keyfactor Enhances IoT Security Scalability in Platform Update

Product embeds high-assurance secure identity throughout the IoT lifecycle


Keyfactor, a leading provider of secure digital identity management solutions, today announced the launch of Keyfactor Control 6.

This newest release of the company’s flagship, end-to-end secure identity platform addresses scalability in connected device security. Keyfactor Control secures, authenticates and future-proofs IoT identity at every step of the device lifecycle, providing a scalable IoT security solution.

“The threat landscape is changing – trends like IoMT are creating new security risks and attack vectors, particularly when it comes to connected healthcare,” says Ted Shorter, CTO and Co-Founder of Keyfactor. “Any data transmitted across a network represents digital identities of patients and connected hospital equipment. Protecting highly sensitive data like medical records calls for end-to-end encryption and digital signatures to secure and protect it from compromise.”

According to Gartner Inc., a research and advisory firm, “the IoT brings significant IT capability to a healthcare delivery organization, but brings with it additional risks. These new IoT-based vulnerabilities are outside the normally understood boundaries of information security or cybersecurity when viewed from the IT perspective1.”

“In terms of IoT devices, getting security ‘right’ must happen at design time,” says Shorter. “But it’s not all about devices – security has become a part of the larger equation and organizations need to consider the security posture of devices as an aspect of its overall effectiveness when making purchasing decisions.”

Keyfactor Control embeds high-assurance secure device identity from manufacturing through deployment and operation. The platform’s capabilities include IoT security scalability, one-step Root of Trust (RoT) management and fully managed private PKI.

Key features include:

  • Secure Code Signing ­– Turnkey firmware signing and verification implementation via Keyfactor Control SDK, which ensures genuine software installations.
  • Centralized PKI Management – Enabling the ability to discover, monitor, issue and replace millions of certificates and keys in real-time.
  • No More Shared Credentials – Allowing every device to generate its own unique cryptographic key securely, which never leave the device that generated them.
  • Global Manufacturing Support – Automatically registering and securing all devices, regardless of where they’re manufactured.
  • Device Encryption – Providing encryption on device and in transit, ensuring continuous device overlay.

“As the number of connected devices continues to grow, continuously managing security across those devices becomes a tougher task,” says Kevin von Keyserling, CEO and Co-Founder of Keyfactor. “Keyfactor Control delivers just that – control over every connected device on the network. Critical security tasks that could take weeks can be done with the click of a button. Customers can disconnect compromised or suspicious devices and replace keys and trusted roots instantly, without disruption and in real-time. This is a game changer for innovative product teams needing a competitive edge.”

For more information about Keyfactor and its services, please visit

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