Linortek Launches IoTMeter™ Wireless Equipment Hour Meter

Linortek Launches IoTMeter™ Wireless Equipment Hour Meter

The Assembled in America IoT controller provides a consistent and easy way of accurately collecting data on offline industrial vehicles and powered equipment


WINSTON-SALEM – May 21, 2019 – Linor Technology, Inc. (Linortek), a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the Internet of Things (IoT), announces the availability of its IoTMeter™ Wireless Equipment Hour Meter. IoTMeter is a wireless equipment runtime monitor and alert system. The device remotely collects real-time data on offline industrial vehicles and powered equipment, enabling companies to stay on top of routine maintenance to minimize equipment downtime and lost revenue.

The wireless IoTMeter is a self-contained Wi-Fi enabled, custom-developed device built on Linortek’s existing TCP/IP web-based product platform. With digital inputs, relay outputs, analog inputs and a specially designed software, the customizable solution collects data on usage hours, temperature, voltage and more. The Wireless Equipment Hour Meter works with any powered equipment such as ground support vehicles, construction equipment, forklifts, golf carts, heavy-duty vehicles and production machinery.

Gary S. Nalven, founder and CEO, Linortek, said, “Across industries, maintenance schedules for offline mobile equipment can be difficult to manage. Surprisingly, 90 percent of machine maintenance is based on hours instead of miles. Our IoTMeter Wireless Equipment Hour Meter conveniently records usage for scheduled maintenance on industrial vehicles and other powered equipment. Our solution is cost-effective, easy to setup and more accurate than physical data collection. In fact, the built-in server provides quick access to setup and monitor the hour meters with no additional software or designated computer required.”

Available now, the device features include:

  • Wi-Fi Enabled all-in-one system, no cloud connection or third party server required.
  • Automatic Reporting of runtime data when equipment passes within the Wi-Fi range.
  • Resettable Hours for use with existing equipment, with the ability to record time up to 999,999.99 hours.
  • Audible and Visual alerts when service is needed.
  • Built-in Impact Sensor records impacts.
  • Automatic Data Transfer with RESTful API to manage equipment across single or multiple locations.
  • Automatic Email Notifications are sent when preset hours are reached.
  • Built-in Web Interface provides convenient access to manage the device from any standard web browser.
  • Additional Features include If/Then programming tasks, remote relay control, input signal monitoring, network time connection, email status and more.

One of the keys to performing optimal maintenance is knowing when to perform it. With the wireless IoTMeter, whether you are maintaining one piece of equipment or multiple pieces, you can monitor all equipment runtime data from Linortek’s HourCollector app on a PC from one interface. When the equipment passes within the WiFi range, the IoTMeter will automatically connect and report its current runtime data. For anyone who needs to incorporate the hour readings into their own management software, the data can be transferred automatically with the RESTful API or send hour reading data to manage equipment across single or multiple locations.

How to Buy

The IoTMeter Wireless Equipment Hour Meter is available for purchase at or by calling 336-485-6199. The IoTMeter Wireless Equipment Hour Meter pricing starts at an MSRP of $234. For more information or general questions about Linortek products, please contact us here:

About Linor Technology, Inc.

Linor Technology, Inc. (Linortek) is a research and development company that designs and builds controllers for the “Internet of Things” (IoT), a market that involves web connection between all types of products. Linortek developed two lines of web controllers used in three niche products, NetBell, Network Hour Meter and Aquaculture Farm Monitor. This technology focus and expertise has enabled Linortek to take full advantage of the new generation of IoT for industrial, manufacturing and educational businesses as well as the Aquaculture vertical business with needs for control, monitoring and alert over the internet. All products are controlled and monitored from a simple and easy to use web page or mobile app. For more information, please visit

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