Parking Just Got Easier, PayByPhone Launches Maps Functionality in Seattle

Parking Just Got Easier, PayByPhone Launches Maps Functionality in Seattle


PayByPhone, a leading global provider of mobile parking solutions, today announced the launch of PayByPhone Maps in Seattle and surrounding areas including Bellingham. Seattle is the first major North American city using the Maps feature, with more locations rolling out the feature in the coming months.

With PayByPhone Maps, Seattle area motorists turn on their location services and can see available parking spaces anywhere PayByPhone is available. The maps are interactive, allowing users to determine hours, restrictions and accepted payment methods for different parking locations throughout the city and its suburbs. In addition to quickly locating an available parking space, motorists can use PayByPhone Maps to better plan parking ahead of time.

“We are excited about this opportunity to improve and simplify the parking landscape in Seattle,” said Sam Zimbabwe, Seattle Department of Transportation Director. “The PayByPhone partnership helps our residents and visitors easily find and pay for parking from their mobile devices and makes it more convenient to explore all parts of our city.”

PayByPhone Maps also empowers municipality leaders to get a visual understanding of parking for better curbside management.

“In Bellingham, adoption of the PayByPhone app has jumped from 975 transactions a month in 2016 to 25,000 a month today,” said Clark Williams, superintendent of transportation for the City of Bellingham. “As adoption continues to grow, and with the addition of Maps, PayByPhone gives us more insights to enhance parking operations and improve how we manage and monetize the curb.”

“PayByPhone Maps is the next step in helping us deliver on our mobility-as-a-service promise to cities like Seattle,” said Roamy Valera, chief executive officer for PayByPhone. “We’re focused on transforming every facet of parking and curbside management to help customers fulfill their goals of creating more livable and smarter communities.”

To download the PayByPhone app and learn more, visit

About PayByPhone
PayByPhone is one of the fastest growing mobile payment companies in the world, processing more than 70 million transactions totaling more than $400 million in payments annually. Through the company’s mobile web, smartphone and smartwatch applications, PayByPhone helps millions of consumers easily and securely pay for parking without the hassles of waiting in line, having to carry change or risking costly fines. A subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG, PayByPhone is leading the way in the creation of the mobile future. PayByPhone can be found online at

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