Robson Technologies, Inc. (RTI) Turns Its Sights to IoT with Custom Test Sockets and Test Fixtures Tailored to the Functional Test Needs of IoT Devices

Robson Technologies, Inc. (RTI) Turns Its Sights to IoT with Custom Test Sockets and Test Fixtures Tailored to the Functional Test Needs of IoT Devices


Robson Technologies, Inc. (RTI) is making it easier for IoT developers to perform functional testing on their devices, which typically includes a combination of MEMS, sensors, connectors, programmable SOICs, and over the air data transmission. Most IoT devices are custom designed complex multi-chip modules with unique form factors that require a tailored functional test interface solution.

RTI’s IoT centric innovative test socket and fixture solutions offer a variety of design options for singulated and panelized testing of MCM’s and sub-assemblies. These include custom pin loading, precision device alignment, contacts to multiple sides of the UUT, temperature, sound, pressure testing, and integration with existing test configurations and measurement tools.

A single RTI solution can be used for embedded device programming, signal verification, interoperability verification, environmental testing, and more. Reliability is paramount to the success of any IoT device; whether it’s a simple companion device providing feedback to your smart phone or part of a larger infrastructure such as machine to machine (M2M) connectivity found in the smart grid and connected vehicles.

Contact RTI to learn more about their robust IoT test socket and test fixture solutions designed to meet demanding functional requirements and ensure reliable functional test results.

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