Scalable Risk Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with Risk Management Consulting Division of Brown & Brown, Inc.

Scalable Risk Solutions Announces Strategic Partnership with Risk Management Consulting Division of Brown & Brown, Inc.

Procor Solutions to deploy smart property risk management platform, SenSOAR, to clients and insurance industry


Denver, CO— June 4, 2019 Technology-based risk management firm Scalable Risk Solutions (SRS) announces a strategic partnership with leading risk management consulting firm Procor Solutions (Procor) to offer smart platform SenSOAR™, the “Smarter Option for Analyzing Risk.” This disruptive technology can benefit the entire insurance industry by reducing claims and lowering costs for any size property.

SenSOAR has a suite of “best in class” sensors that use AI and machine learning to monitor and protect properties from a variety of potential high frequency and high severity losses from water, fire, smoke, gas, temperature, motion, mold, and many other perils. The insurance industry is actively searching to find solutions like SenSOAR which is an all-in-one property monitoring platform and includes a water leak detector and temperature monitoring with the ability to shut off water at the sign of a spike in usage or a frozen pipe. SenSOAR has the capability to monitor millions of properties every year.

SRS CEO Jeffery Magoon says that “SenSOAR is the ultimate property risk management tool because it will both save claim costs for insurance carriers and decrease premiums for the insured. We make it easy for all stakeholders because we provide the platform, the hardware, the installation, and the monitoring. We also provide IoT (internet of things) strategic consulting to customize SenSOAR for any size property, whether in the public or private sector.”

SRS has done their due diligence and feasibility studies surrounding IoT in the risk management space, including platforms and technology protocol. Jeff states, “Our platform is unique because it uses LoRaWAN™ technology. It was designed with future-proofing in mind as a vibrant ecosystem with flexible deployment models, low power and long-range capabilities.”

Arnie Mascali, President of Procor Solutions says, “We are excited to partner with SRS to bring advanced risk management technology solutions to our clients and our broker partners. The technology has the potential to reduce or eliminate some of the largest losses faced by the insurance industry. We have been working with the SRS team for the last eighteen months. The SRS team has deep knowledge of and insight into the insurance industry. Combined with its industry-leading technology partners, they have put together a technology solution stack that has tremendous potential. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them to bring this innovative solution to our clients.”

About Scalable Risk Solutions
Founded in 2017, Scalable Risk Solutions is an insurance and risk consulting firm that leverages smart technology to mitigate risk and lower costs for any size business or property in both public and private sectors. Besides SenSOAR, the firm offers Virtual Asset Manager, In Case of Crisis App, IoT Strategic Consulting, Business Continuity Planning, and Disaster Recovery Planning.

About Procor Solutions + Consulting
Procor is comprised of leading risk management, disaster management, and insurance professionals who focus on improving business and property owner resilience. We provide expertise in disaster planning and response, risk assessment, property/business interruption claims, loss mitigation, and claim analytics and technology. Procor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hull & Company, a division of Brown & Brown, Inc.

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