NEW YORK – Sentient Buildings, a cloud-based building automation company, today announced the launch of Neuro™, an IoT monitoring, analytics and control platform that centralizes remote access to building operations.

Utilizing a single pane of glass, Neuro enables owners and managers to share real-time data across their ecosystem, and gain insight into a property’s efficiency, comfort and controls.

“Neuro presents a simple, streamlined portal view to all users involved in a building,” said David Unger, CEO of Sentient Buildings.  “The platform receives real-time and historical data from cloud connected control systems, and enables users to see what they want, when they want to.”

Utilizing Neuro, owners and managers have access to a close-up view of building performance, operational cost and equipment including air handlers, boiler plants, cooling towers, thermostats, and lighting down to the zone level.

In addition, operators can pinpoint issues and quickly resolve problems; service companies are able to connect with a building’s mechanical systems, deploying manpower to fix issues only when necessary; and occupants can gain control over their own comfort.

“Neuro’s modular design allows users to get the most out of a building, while allowing for integration with existing energy and analytics platforms,” Unger added.

New York-based Sentient’s Building’s solutions are designed to work with new and existing BMS and controls to eliminate energy waste and proactively detect and mitigate potential equipment damage, resulting in less costly capital projects, reduced operating overhead, increased asset value, and improved tenant comfort.

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