Stratio’s LinkSquare Brings AI To Companies That Need A Scientific Application

Stratio’s LinkSquare Brings AI To Companies That Need A Scientific Application


Stratio, Inc. launched LinkSquare, a smart handheld spectrometer, attaining innovation in usability, cost and size, designed to simplify infrared spectroscopy.

The LinkSquare device features Stratio’s proprietary sensor making technology. LinkSquare 1, currently on the market, covers wavelengths between 400-1000 nm, and the soon-to-come LinkSquare NIR 700-1050 nm. A user activates the LinkSquare’s sensor to shine light on any object. The device captures how the object’s molecules vibrate, to create a unique “spectral fingerprint” and show on an iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows device via Wi-Fi.

Once you have collected spectral data from your samples to create a database, you can upload it to their AI platform. The AI platform provides a DIY applet creation tool by analyzing the samples of each item, distinguishing spectral features, defining spectral identity, creating a database, and making an applet that can be downloaded and viewed in their iOS or Android LinkSquare app.  The app currently has dozens of prebuilt applets, enabling, for instance, Viagra authentication. When the user scans a Viagra pill, LinkSquare compares the spectral fingerprint with Stratio’s database to map the object’s identity. The entire process takes just a few seconds, and results are delivered to the user’s smartphone.

Scientists can now take advantage of LinkSquare’s latest feature and AI services and LinkSquare will create custom applets from the ground-up for companies that need a robust and scientific application. The database is built with the spectral fingerprints of materials and products specific to your industry’s needs.

“We provide companies with convenient, versatile and enterprise-controlled solutions, whether it be to determine the properties of materials or ascertain the truthfulness of a product,” said Jae Hyung Lee. PhD, CEO and co-founder of Stratio. “We are also constantly working to broaden the range of products and applications, bringing tailored solutions to the palm of your hand.”

LinkSquare 1 offers two product packages. Basic Package offers one LinkSquare 1 device and collector software, and is available for only $549. Professional Package provides everything from Basic Package plus APIs to allow white label applications and is offered at $3,999. For additional information, please visit

About Stratio
Stratio is currently a team of 22 full-timers, consisting of  Stanford EE PhDs and MBA, with expertise in IC design, optical systems, and semiconductor manufacturing. Stratio is headquartered in San Jose, CA and has an office in Seoul, Korea, and in Ljubljana, Slovenia. For more information, please visit us at

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