Technostacks Infotech Develops Innovative App Functionalities For IoT Based Smart Water Meter

Technostacks Infotech Develops Innovative App Functionalities For IoT Based Smart Water Meter


Technostacks Infotech, a leading provider of advanced software and IoT app development solutions, today announced the successful completion of IoT smart water meter sensors project for one of its esteemed client.

There are endless growth opportunities seen in the field of IoT. And even as per Gartner, there will be 14+ billion connected devices by the ending of the year 2019, and 25+ billion at the closing stages of 2021. So, the demand for IoT solutions will further increase in different domains and industries in the near time.

In this project, the client of Technostacks wanted a water meter application for both iOS as well as Android platforms. He had been actively working on water meter sensors and needed us to deliver a precise IoT cloud-based application solution. He needed functionalities that can support its existing capabilities. The client required to develop a mobile app that can integrate flawlessly with his company’s current active hardware infrastructure. Along with this, the client company also needed technology support intended for IoT water meter management.

Across the whole project, the application needed to be connected by the sensors of the water meters without a glitch. Further, these water meters were to be linked to the piping systems, outlets, and inlets. Moreover, the water meters needed to be placed around water heaters, dishwashers, refrigerators, sinks, and sump pumps.

Technostacks analyzed a mixture of best cloud-based services for IoT including Google IoT, IBM Watson IoT, AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT as well as Xively IoT. And after meticulous evaluation and analysis of accessible services, they mutually selected IBM Watson IoT to deliver the solution.

Creating an app that had an ideal synergy amid water meter sensors and the app to provide accurate water consumption data through water meters was somewhat a challenge. However, our technology and software analysis teams handled this scenario exceptionally well. They brought in the right integrations with needed app functionalities,” said Hansal Shah, Managing Director of Technostacks.

The other essential requirement was to develop and design a comprehensive dashboard that allows customers to see their overall consumption statistics. These statistics were categorized as the highest, average, and lowest consumption information. Meanwhile, it was even needed to connect to the cloud server for innovatively getting only the most accurate calculations of the water being utilized by the particular building or an apartment.

Other challenges and functionalities, we fruitfully fulfilled in the project included ensuring that the app can track consumption information on an hourly basis. Further, the water consumption needs to be tracked transversely around sensors placed across all the set outlets. The features and functionalities also empowered users with seamless data monitoring through the mobile application.

The wireless water meter app even includes other fundamental but useful features such as map view, adding meter details, and different alerts. On the other hand, the analytical reports enabled users to pick a specific meter and check the consumption of water of every water appliance separately. The smart wireless water meter app also allows viewing the usage of an apartment by criteria such as day, month, or year. Even the users can explore the graphical representation of their water usage.

Besides this, the users can keep track of the battery life for the water meter sensor. The automatic notifications will be sent to the users if the battery life of the sensor is at a low level.

Coming to the Technostacks team, they delivered an extensive collection of features and functionalities to the app users using the company’s specialization in iOS and Android technology.

About Technostacks Infotech

Technostacks Infotech is a leading web and mobile app development company in India & USA. The company is engaged dynamically in offering end-to-end IT solutions to cater to the demands of an assorted clientele across the globe. The company has built a smart and sturdy team of experts having in-depth knowledge of the newest technologies. Also, they use the latest tools and have an exceptional state-of-the-art infrastructure.

With best-in-class support, superior consultancy and custom development services make Technostacks, a reliable technology partner. The company has delivered a comprehensive range of solutions for AI, ML, IoT, AR, VR, MR, and cloud-based software development. Apart from its office in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, the company also has its branch office in the USA, Germany, and the UK.

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