ITS–Telematics Solutions Launches New Hub Technology

ITS–Telematics Solutions Launches New Hub Technology


ITS – Telematics Solutions is announcing the launch of its new ITS Hub technology. Having already offered a market-leading AI and machine-learning driven telematics solution, ITS is now set to change the way telematics data is managed. Strengthening its proposition by developing a device-agnostic system that can import data from any device – traditional black boxes, mobiles and automotive systems alike – the data can be exported as an easily manageable, universal data.

The first of its kind, the ITS Hub has been developed as a concept over a number of years before being built over the last 12 months. Now fully tested and available it will allow any organisations using telematics – such as insurers or organisations with fleets – to ‘plug in’ devices from multiple providers. Converting the data, it can not only make it universal but also tailor the data to each business’ specific need, from one operating system. Furthermore, the Hub has been developed to allow integration to be quick and simple, meaning companies can sync thousands of devices in a matter of days.

ITS – Telematics Solutions will still offer its market leading end-to-end solution, including the innovative AI-based crash algorithm and incident report features amongst its benefits. These determine the exact cause and force of road incidents, allowing for a comprehensive report that includes the severity of the impact and the location of the vehicle during the incident. 

The future of telematics will undoubtedly become less about specific devices and more about the data itself, as more vehicles start to have telematics fitted as standard. Making this abundance of data universal and easily accessible will allow telematics, and specifically ITS – Telematics Solutions, to play a key role in the future of insurance, fleet management and driverless vehicles. 

Adam Gooch, Commercial Director of ITS, said, “We are seeing a huge shift in the telematics sector as more and more vehicles become ‘the device’. The team at ITS has developed the ITS Hub to offer a solution to the vast and ever-growing problem that thousands of sources and variations in data being produced causes. We are confident that our new Hub system is a game-changer and will make telematics data more accessible and easier to manage.”

For ITS media inquiries:
James Godfrey or Tom Ladds
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Tel: +44(0) 20 7785 7383

Email: [email protected]

About Insure Telematics Solution (ITS):
Insure Telematics Solutions specialise in motor insurance telematics and are dedicated to supporting any telematics proposition. Whether you have a device and need support to manage, or you need an end-to-end solution from device to driver intervention, making us an ideal partner. Our flexible model and insight into telematics will not only help you to accurately manage your risk, but will also help improve your loss ratio at the same time. 

We deliver this via our active risk management pillars. Active risk management, our five pillars: – First notification of loss, Claims management, Driver Intervention, Validation and fraud and Risk scoring.  

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