UWINLOC Launches New Line of Industrial Tracking Tags to Meet All Customer Needs

UWINLOC Launches New Line of Industrial Tracking Tags to Meet All Customer Needs


UWINLOC, creators of the first and only battery-less connected tracking system worldwide, has launched their new line of tags to address all use cases in the Manufacturing and Logistics sectors. The UWINLOC system is the only technology in the market to offer reliable precision tracking entirely based on energy harvesting. The platform connects clients to their tagged items (spare parts, equipment, machinery, etc.) for all-around visibility on the Supply Chain thus resulting in smooth production flows.

UWINLOC’s product release is a global system that features the new Standard battery-less tag. The R&D team at UWINLOC has incorporated key breakthroughs such as improved geolocation capabilities in metallic environments, longer reading ranges, quick refresh rates, light infrastructure configuration, and reliable tracking accuracy. In addition to a new line of products, UWINLOC’s software platform includes additional application features which transforms the tracking data into valuable insight for the entire production site. Overall, the system offers increased productivity that will help maintain effective site processes. After implementing the UWINLOC system, the calculations showed that there was an improvement of stock management by 26% and increased productivity of 2,000 hours for a site of 200 operators at a client’s site, a major automobile manufacturer who previously faced heavy financial losses due to misplaced items.

Next in line for the release are the UWINLOC Flexible Tag and Intelligent Tag. The Flexible tag will be the first geolocation tag in flexible form, meaning it can adapt to a range of products in different sizes and shapes. As for the Intelligent Tags, they will be the only tags ever created to locate materials in Real Time (RTLS) without batteries. The Intelligent tags will also integrate sensor characteristics such as temperature and speed measurements. Overall, the features of both tags will increase the addressable market for indoor location applications. The advantage of the UWINLOC system is that any tag can work within the same infrastructure to answer multiple use cases which enable users to respond to all of their needs with UWINLOC as the unique solution provider.

When analyzing the indoor location market, UWINLOC’s product launch is a significant step forward considering 95% of the market does not have a digitized solution to address their needs. The lack of a proper solution to automate internal processes hinders the industry from meeting all client demands (i.e. delivering equipment on time, certification delays) as well as hindering a smooth workflow. With a growing market worth of nearly $50 billion, there are high expectations for smart integrated tracking solutions that will enable an efficient industry.

Today, the industrial sector is taking active measures to implement connected factories in order to stay competitive in the market. Eric Cariou, CEO of UWINLOC, explains the global benefits: “Our clients themselves are experiencing the value that the UWINLOC solution brings to the sector. We’ve introduced the first battery-less technology in the market to exist, one that is reliable and adapted to a multitude of use cases at a fraction of the cost but sticking to a quality product. By doing this, we’re enabling businesses to transform and optimize their sites worldwide.”

As a growing SME company, UWINLOC already has a portfolio that surpasses 50 international companies who are key players in the Aerospace, Automobile, and Transportation industries. This speaks great volumes considering the numerous distribution sites for each client can deploy the UWINLOC system on a global scale and have a major impact on the transformation of the Industry 4.0.

Press contact:
Patricia Carr, Communications Manager at UWINLOC
+33 (0)6 51 82 03 56
[email protected]

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