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Renovo Expands Operations in Europe – Hires Kate Jack as Head of European Operations


CAMPBELL, Calif., — Ahead of coming European announcements this Spring, Renovo, the industry-standard open platform for autonomous vehicles, today announces the hiring of Kate Jack as Head of European Operations. To lead and develop Renovo’s expansion in Europe, Jack brings more than 20 years of experience in technology — specifically in the development of smart cities. Renovo plans to announce more details behind its European presence and fleet deployments in the Spring.

“Throughout my career, I’ve been exposed to the technologies that are coming together to create the future of urban life,” said Kate Jack. “Bringing safe, clean, reliable and autonomous transportation to London and the rest of Western Europe has long been a dream of mine and I’ve found perfect the home to do it in Renovo.”

Earning a reputation as a forward-thinker, Jack has a strong background in clean energy, serving as Head of Innovation at both RWE Power and innogy Consulting. Ms. Jack also has years of experience running startups, previously serving as the Head of Operations for UK-based transportation startup, aiPod. Born and raised in the UK, Jack is passionate about bringing the many benefits of autonomous transportation to the European market and believes that the UK and Western Europe are uniquely positioned to implement and benefit from innovations in transportation.

“We’re experiencing significant growth in Europe and Kate is the world-class leader we need to support this. The amazing work she’s done put her on our radar and we are excited to have her on our team,” says Renovo CEO, Chris Heiser. “Shared transportation and large-scale fleets play a uniquely large role in Europe and we’ve seen enormous customer interest around scaling autonomy. We’re excited to bring AWare and our ecosystem of partners to European cities and Kate is the perfect person to execute this vision.”

On February 12 in London, Chris Heiser will be speaking at MOVE 2019 on the benefits of open platforms and how they will transform European cities, businesses and industries. Due to the large fleet sizes and consumer reliance on shared transportation, the European market is uniquely leveraged to benefit from the scale autonomous transportation provides. These dynamics have created a special gravity around autonomous in Europe and Renovo is committed to servicing the demand from what has always been a world-leading market in innovating transportation.

Coming on the heels of partnerships with best-in-breed European auto-tech leaders like Bestmile, NIRA Dynamics, Silexica, and more, Jack’s hiring solidifies Renovo’s commitment to the European market. As transportation continues to shape our cities and our lives, leaders like Kate Jack will continue to put Renovo at the center of the autonomous storm.

About Renovo

Renovo builds AWare, the industry-standard OS for autonomous vehicles. AWare is the only OS capable of commercializing level 4 autonomy, providing safety, security and scalability to autonomous vehicles. By providing a developer ecosystem in which all the key technology players can operate, AWare enables the quick and reliable building and deployment of software to fleets of vehicles, anywhere in the world. Renovo have created a vehicle-agnostic, open platform that allows large fleet operators to pick and choose the functionality they require for their vehicles or fleet. Renovo combines Silicon Valley agility with proven automotive capabilities in a singular commitment to transform the way people and things move.

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