Location Data is Becoming a Must Have. But Do You Know How to Effectively Use It?

November 7th, 1:00PM EST

Many in the IoT space ‘get’ the idea of latitude/longitude and how that applies to maps and navigation. But do many people know how to make the best use of location data once they have it?

The IoT space has a plethora of different needs for location data and no two cases are the same. It’s crucial to understand all of the attributes of location data and the benefits of having it. Join Kipp Jones, Chief Technology Evangelist, and Nick Knellinger, Director of Product, at Skyhook and Eric Conn, Senior Editor of IoT For All to learn how to best position yourself for success in applying location data to your use cases.

Meet the Speakers

Kipp Jones

Chief Technology Evangelist Skyhook

Nick Knellinger

Director of Product

Eric Conn

Senior Editor
IoT For All