Lack of visibility into the location and condition of goods during transport and upon delivery can be costly to freight owners: operating costs can increase due to lost time searching for missing freight; revenue can be reduced when goods cannot be located or are damaged during transport or upon delivery; lost or stolen freight can have an impact on revenue, supply chain efficiency and customer satisfaction.

AT&T’s IoT Asset Management – Operations Center (AMOC) provides the ability to track the location, movement, and condition of your freight. Set thresholds for humidity, temperature, impact, and ambient light intensity. Establish geofencing to determine if your freight is outside of established boundaries. Simply attach an asset tracker to your freight to manage and monitor your connected assets via AT&T’s Asset Management – Operations Center (AMOC).

AMOC Capabilities
• Compatible with multiple LTE/LTE-M/satellite/
Wi-Fi devices
• View historical trends of sensor data
• Respond in near real-time to critical issues
• Devices are available to support the monitoring of
location, temperature, humidity, motion detection, and
ambient light intensity
• Use geofencing to quickly determine if assets are where
they should be located