Some shipments are more valuable than others. Some things cannot be easily replaced due to cost or rarity. For these items, near real-time tracking and monitoring is critical during shipment.

Lack of visibility into where high-value shipments are located and not knowing if they have been opened during or after delivery can be costly.

High-value assets may be damaged during shipment, leading to unnecessary down-time and potential impact on revenue. Operating costs can increase due to time spent tracking down missing shipments. Customer satisfaction may be impacted when shipments cannot be located. Lost or stolen shipments can impact profitability.

AT&T Asset Management – Operations Center provides the ability to track the location and movement of your high-value shipments. A light sensor can also allow let you know when a shipment has been opened.

Establish geofencing to determine if your high-value assets are outside of established boundaries.

Simply attach an asset tracker to your shipment to manage and monitor your connected assets via AT&T’s Asset Management – Operations Center.