Accessing accurate level data from containers, hoppers, and tanks is critical to managing inventory, securing contents, assuring quality and safety, and saving costs.  Banner solutions for measuring and monitoring fill and material levels are available in a range of sensing technologies to optimize detection for each unique target and environment. Used in combination with our wireless products, these solutions provide accurate, real-time data from assets deployed in remote and hard-to-access areas. 

Example Level Measurement Applications

Stack Height Monitoring

  • An accurate sensor is needed to monitor the stack height of the carton blanks in the magazine to ensure the stack is not empty and prevent downtime.
  • A smart sensor, like the Q4X sensor, can accommodate changes in carton size and machine speed to help reduce downtime for setup and changeovers.
  • The analog output provides a real-time gauge of the stack height. This allows the cartoner machine to have several “call for parts” set points without having to manually move the sensor.
  • With exceptional linearity and a four-digit display, the Q4X sensor provides real-time feedback with an analog (V or mA) or distance (mm) readout.

Material Level Monitoring in a hopper

  • For long-range level detection applications, an LTF Series laser measurement sensor can be installed up to 12 meters away from the target 
  • At this distance, the sensor will not interfere with system operations or come into contact with the equipment or process.
  • The sensor features high excess gain, superior signal control and automatic adaptive laser power control for reliable detection, regardless of surface color or reflectivity.
  • The exceptional linearity, repeatability and resolution of LTF series sensors ensure tremendous accuracy in measuring the distance from the sensor to the material in the hopper.
  • The laser sensor can be paired with a TL50 Pro tower light to provide dynamic status indication of hopper fill level, for monitoring at a glance even from a distance. 

Tank Level Monitoring

  • Storage tanks, totes, and containers can be found in a wide variety of environments, from indoor or outdoor installations to above or below ground deployments.
  • Properly monitoring and managing levels inside these tanks can help increase productivity and profitability.
  • A wireless ultrasonic sensor uses sound waves to detect objects, for a non-contact level measurement solution.  
  • Ultrasonic sensors are also immune to target color, reflectivity, or transparency.
  • Wireless communications open up additional benefits including saved time and costs, real-time remote monitoring, and adaptability to meet changing requirements.