Wireless Connectivity Purpose-Built for Challenging Industrial Environments

Effectively gather vast sensor data from diverse sources for a reliable 360-degree view of workers’ health and environmental conditions.

The Challenge

Remote, congested and hostile conditions for data communications  

Industrial workers are exposed to a myriad of potential dangers like hazardous substances, fine particles, radiation, heatstroke and fatal falls.

These worker safety situations often occur at remote, geographically dispersed campuses poorly serviced by telco network providers. In manufacturing plants, steel structures and electromagnetic interference from industrial equipment further hinder effective wireless transmission.


Accelerate Emergency Responses

Critical events experienced by employees can be instantly reported to the command center for predetermined, automated work-flows to accelerate evacuation and rescue activities.

Enhance Workers’ Health and Wellness

Improve visibility of environmental surroundings to help avoid employees’ prolonged exposure to harsh conditions, thereby improving health.

Reduce Injuries and Accidents

Prevent accidents on the job site with predictive analytics fueled by massive sensor data from the field. Enable safer operations, improve maintenance practices and minimize equipment mishaps with asset condition monitoring.

Increase Productivity

Encourage employees to take a recovery breaks when elevated heart rates are detected or humidity and temperatures rise to boost productivity and reduce sick leave.

Reduce Costs

Reduce costs from insurance, litigation, and fines relating to injuries and fatal accidents with improved worker safety practices and compliance.