Safety is one of the most important concerns in any healthcare facility, particularly large ones that house thousands of patients and hundreds of healthcare workers. Hospital staff cannot monitor all patients at all times. A critical issue like safety can only be left to technology, not human or manual monitoring. This is where RTLS comes in. In healthcare, RTLS is about more than operational awareness. Borda Technology’s Infant, Patient, and Staff Safety Solutions create safer hospitals through RTLS and alarm notifications.

Borda Technology’s Infant Safety Solution alerts you immediately when infants leave their safe areas without authorization. Tamper-proof infant tags add an extra layer of security by sending instant notifications in the event that an attempt is made to cut or remove the tag from an infant’s ankle. Furthermore, proper mother-infant matching is always ensured. Integration with hospital systems such as BMS and CCTV improves security. 

RTLS patient tracking notifies hospital staff when patients at risk of falling or those with Alzheimer’s disease leave their pre-designated safe zone. This has a direct impact on value-based purchasing in the US healthcare system.

The RTLS Patient Safety solution by Borda can be integrated with the hospital’s Nurse Call system, allowing patients to send emergency alerts 24/7 across the hospital by simply pressing a button on their Patient Tag. To ensure the quickest possible response, nurses will receive the alarm notification immediately along with the patient’s real-time location information.

Aside from patients and infants, hospital staff may face threats, particularly in emergency departments and psychiatric units. In dangerous situation, a speedy security intervention is critical.

Borda’s Staff Safety Solution allows your staff to call for help 24/7 across the hospital by simply pressing the button on their Staff Tag. Once the button is pressed, the staff’s emergency call is transmitted to security, along with their real-time location.