The hospital labor force is at the heart of patient care, and labor costs account for more than half of total hospital expenses in the United States. Consequently, optimizing the labor force and increasing staff satisfaction are critical for both patient care quality and cost control. Thousands of tasks are performed in hospitals on a daily basis, and the task assignment process is typically managed using conventional methods. Dispatchers manually assign tasks to porters without knowing their exact workload or where they are in the hospital. Task completion delays, increased patent idle waiting times, excessive time spent on task assignments, and failure to comply with regulations/standards are just a few of the negative effects on hospital revenue. This is where Borda Technology’s Work Demand Management system comes in.

In hospitals, real-time personnel tracking provides a bird’s-eye view of staff operations, revealing inefficiencies and bottlenecks. This allows you to eliminate inefficiencies and better organize internal workflows. Streamlining processes saves time and labor, allowing staff to focus on providing better patient care. Borda’s RTLS-enabled Work Demand Management eliminates manual processes in the entire task assignment process by automatically assigning each task to the most appropriate staff/porter based on their real-time location and workload information in 10 seconds.

Staff/porters can use the mobile application to view and complete pre-assigned tasks while on the go. Because tasks are assigned in the most efficient manner, the time between task assignment and task completion is reduced. The same number of tasks are completed in less time with fewer workforces, and regulations and standards are met. In Elazıg City Hospital, a hospital that implemented Borda Tech’s RTLS-enabled Work Demand Management Product, the planned labor resource was reduced from 257 to 210, a 20% decrease. Task completion time, on the other hand, has been reduced by 25% in the World’s Third Largest Hospital as a result of this product.

Visual reports allow you to track the duration of each task by category and personnel. As a result, future job/resource planning and performance management become more manageable. Additionally, each personnel’s workload is tracked to avoid a disproportionate distribution of work. Personnel satisfaction and loyalty are enhanced by a sense of justice.

The Borda Work Demand Management solution also assists in measuring and improving staff response time to patients as well as time spent in each patient room. Better understanding allows patients to spend more time with staff, which leads to higher patient satisfaction.