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The built environment is dynamic, as occupancy fluctuates, seasons change, and key systems age, the consumption profile of the building is affected. Natural resource and environmental monitoring can provide building managers and owners an easy way to take the pulse of facility, and adapt in real-time to changing conditions.

Sometimes this means saving money by ensuring energy hogs like HVAC are running properly, or scheduled appropriately. It can also mean maintaining optimal comfort for building residents and occupants. Or it could be gaining piece of mind, knowing that critical areas like server rooms, or refrigeration units are the exact right temperature.

Building Comfort and Conditioning

Room too hot, and room too cold are the most frequent complaints from building occupants to facilities staff. Uneven conditioning, hot and cool zones, and poor HVAC scheduling not only impacts people’s comfort, it affects productivity, and potentially wastes energy and money. Deploy wireless sensors throughout the building to identify trouble spots, verify scheduling, and overlay climate data with HVAC system energy consumption.

Critical Infrastructure Monitoring

Protect important rooms and systems by easily and affordably monitoring them in real-time. Server rooms, commercial kitchens, freezer and refrigeration units need precision temperature and humidity settings to preserve equipment lifespan, guarantee food safety, and prevent catastrophic loss from fire, or water leaks. Use wireless sensors to remotely monitor key systems, and receive alerts if environmental conditions fall outside safe zones.

Control Energy Costs

Energy spend represents one of the most significant expenses for buildings large and small, and utility costs are only expected to continue rising. Organizations that can control and reduce the energy that is consumed in their buildings can save money and reduce their environmental impact. Use Buddy Ohm to baseline energy usage and then identify opportunities to save energy at a building, floor or system level.